As the biggest free port of country and with the capacity of reception of more than 3 million tons loading a year, Khorramshahr port is the biggest free port of country. Regarding the geographic position of this custom office and its importance in shipping, Sepahan Hamrah has deployed an experienced expert group there. So, taking advantage of knowledge & expertise and also being dominate on commercial rules & regulation of country’s customs, this group is doing all custom formalities fast and carefully.


Some of specialized marine clearance services by Sepahan Hamrah


  • Door to door shipment from China & UAE
  • Performing custom formalities (Clearance, Commodity Declaration, Evaluation, etc.)
  • Order registration
  • Obtaining the necessary permits from related organizations such as Iran National Standard Organization, Ministry of Culture & Islamic Guidance, Organization of Regulation & Radio communications, Center of Intellectual Development of Children & Adolescents, etc.
  • Issuance of Inspection Certificate