As a center for Middle East economic and commercial transactions and as a global city, Dubai is a known city for all businessmen & traders. Also, as the China’s first business partner and with a strategic position in Middle East, this city is a host for head offices of many international great companies. Multiple economic treaties between Islamic Republic of Iran & United Arab Emirates is indicative of the close economic ties between two countries so that the trade exchanges of two countries has become more than triple over the years.

The communication infrastructures and trade position of Dubai has guided Sepahan Hamrah Trading to have an official presence in Dubai and participate closely with respectable management of “Earth Star Trading LLC.” to meet the needs of its business colleagues. Sepahan Hmarah Trading is providing valuable services of communication & cost management to the traders & businessmen via Dubai office.

Some of specialized services by Sepahan Hamrah Trading’s Dubai international office:

  • Clearance of all imported goods from around the world to UAE
  • Transportation & clearance of imported goods to UAE on the basis of air to air and ship to ship
  • Receiving the customers commodities in Dubai and forwarding them via air and sea lines
  • Collecting the goods and forwarding them on daily groupage basis via air lines
  • Daily commodity receipt via sea lines and weekly forwarding of them to Iran
  • Providing Door to Door services

Dubai Office :

EARTH STAR TRADING Office , Near Mashreq Bank , Opposite Hyatt Regency Hotel Alkhaleaj Road , Deira , Dubai


MOB : 0097 1502449427
TEL :0097 142732601
FAX : 0097 142732619

Email Address :