Foreign purchase is considered as the special services of Sepahan Hamrah Group to the customers. This service is done by experts in the shortest time at the lowest cost. Knowledge, expertise and commitment of Sepahan Hamrah Commercial Group lead to stabilization of position of the commercial market in Iran and the region.


Some of the Specialized Services of Foreign Purchase of Sepahan Hamrah:

  • Purchase advice, identification & introduction of international manufacturers and price inquiry in the shortest time and according to the buyers needs
  • Professional goods order & purchase in China and UAE even in the absence of Iranian buyers
  • Preparation & delivery of product samples for the buyers
  • Concluding the contract and commodity purchase from the desired sources
  • Purchasing from the original manufacturers with the proper price & quality and also reduction of problems regarding the re-export of damaged & poor products or

 the commodities which are inconsistent with the first order

  • Inspection & validation of Chinese manufacturers & companies via legal lawyers
  • Remittance transfer for the customers against receipt of IRR currency in Iran office
  • Receiving the goods in the country of origin with complete monitoring on the quality

 accuracy & compliance and also getting the quality certificate from the local companies & organizations