Having two decades activity in the field of foreign trade and enjoying the trade offices in Shenzhen & Guangzhou with the native experts in China and UAE, Sepahan Hamrah is acting as a communication bridge between the customers and foreign buyers and is ready to present the export marketing services to the esteemed manufacturers and businessmen.

In order to export your products in the field of dry foods, food production, constructional stones, handicrafts and also the cooperation terms please do not hesitate to contact our experts right now.


Other services by Sepahan Hamrah:

  • Feasibility study for the export of manufacturers products
  • Participation in personal meeting with the potential buyers of your products
  • Visiting the exhibitions related to the field of your products and proving the report
  • Calculating the finalized cost of your products in destination in order to export
  • Validation of Chinese companies before conclusion of contract
  • Guaranteeing the payment by Chinese partner
  • Using the official services of our offices in Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Dubai
  • Advising about export of products which have competitive advantage to China, UAE and other target markets